The company was started in Los Angeles in November 2001 when ALOP produced the first “Praize Night”.

Now, over a decade later, ALOP continues to produce Praize Night on the 1st Saturday of every month. Praize Night brings people together for an entertaining evening of singing, dancing, rapping and other forms of art performed for God’s glory. (Please see the Praize Night section for more information.)

In addition to producing Praize Night, ALOP offers the Christian community a range of promotional and event planning and coordination services. Please see Services section for more information.

ALOP’S vision for the future includes

Launching the first 24/7 Gospel music station on the FM dial in Southern California. Raising money for and establishing a Gospel music recording label with enough strength to provide its artists with the same level of worldwide exposure as other first-rate record companies.

Launch a Praize Night in every city

About ALOP’s Founding

Part of ALOP’s motivation to bring a standard of excellence to the Gospel music industry was sparked by the awareness that Gospel artists are not given the level of respect by their record labels. This incredibly talented Gospel singing group did not receive the same financial backing and attention as their label’s mainstream artists, Will said “I don’t agree with the way that gospel music is treated versus mainstream music. Gospel should be treated better than any other music out there because it has power. Gospel is the only music that can heal your soul, make you stop crying and lift you up.”

In November 2001 Will had his first opportunity to show the world how Gospel music should be treated.

In conjunction with a production company called Growing Tree, Will produced the first Praize Night. This inaugural event was attended by many people and was held at Café Future, a little coffee shop in Inglewood, California.

Will was absolutely amazed by the Gospel Community’s reaction to the event saying “I was blown away by the response . . . how people received it, supported it and everyone had an awesome time”.

The first event featured ALOP’s winning formula of mixing a live band and gifted artists in an intimate setting where the Christian community could interact and be entertained outside of the church environment.

Because of the positive response, Will decided to continue Praize Night on a monthly basis. ALOP decided to produce Praize Night every 3 months on the first Saturday so that they can continue to support all of the other local and national Gospel events.

Another Level of Praize has a passion to spread the Gospel.