Building Your Home-Based Business Like Building A Real House

Building a home business like network marketing is very much like building a real house.

You first need to have a clear, concise blueprint of your future home. Then you need to work thoroughly from the first foundation pillar to last piece of the roof tile accordingly.

But in building home business, many entrepreneurs often get too caught up in the process and forget to see the big picture. They want to directly work on the project and finish it as soon as possible.

It’s quite a common sight seeing many beginners even forget to lay the foundation. Worse, once they put the cornerstone, they never bother to look at the blueprint again. They keep on working from the inside and wondering why they can’t tell the progress or what problems they may have.

Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back.

It’s good to plan and build our way to success, but it’s also important to put it in the proper perspective. In evaluating your business, ask yourself these questions.

It is crucial that you review these questions often. Because once you build your home business system and realize that something is not right, you might have to build ALL OVER AGAIN to correct it.

My suggestion is to take a day off one day each week. No matter how much you want to work, don’t. Take that time to thoroughly evaluate your business first. It’s even better if you track your results. You can compare this week’s performance to last week’s and objectively measure your progress. If it’s up to your target, you can consider continue working. If it’s not, brainstorm on solutions to improve your future progress.

Another advice from me is to use a spreadsheet to record your daily checklist. At the end of each day, you can check what are the activities you’ve done. I did this and it’s extremely helpful to keep me on track. I prefer to list tasks that can be measured by numbers like how many articles I’ve written, friends in social media I’ve added and leads I’ve generated.

All these simple things of reviewing and tracking records take only about 10-15 minutes each day but can greatly benefits your business in the long run.

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