Cost-Per-Action Marketing Tactics

Cost Per Action is the online version of “per inquiry.” This is a very powerful and long-standing marketing technique.

It is very important that you understand what cost-per-action means. It is paying for advertising where you only pay when the customer participates in an action. If they see your web site and do not sign up for a free trial or buy an offer, then you do not pay.

Calculate the benefit

You should also understand how to calculate the programs effect on your budget. This is something you cans tart doing once you get up and running.

Track effectiveness

Most programs offer you some way to track the effectiveness. Yu will want to stay on top of this so you can make sure that you are not wasting money.

Be precise

Make sure you write good ads. Even though you do not pay for running the ad, but only when someone clicks on it, that does not mean you do not want people to click on it. That is the whole point and what you are wanting to happen.

Choose keywords wisely

You will choose your keywords to associate with your ad. You need to do plenty of research and make sure you are choosing the right keywords.

Investigate the company

Make sure the company you are using is a reliable company with a good reputation. Make sure they are worth the investment and can turn over results for you.

Make use of the tools included

Most programs come with a range of tools. Some offer tools that help you with keywords, writing your copy and tracking results. Use all the tools to get the most from the program.

Target your market

Do not forget your target market. Keep them in mind when choosing keywords and writing your copy. Even though you will likely be exposed t your target market through good keyword choices you still want to stay focused on them as you would with any marketing efforts.

Understand the 24/7 market

You probably already understand that your online efforts are continuous. They go 24/7 and they are going to be reaching all types of people. Make sure that even though you are aiming for a target market that there are more possibilities out there.

Don’t drop the ball on your end

You need a good website to back up your ads. Make sure you do not let the customer slip through your hands by not presenting them with a compelling website.

Carry through and ask for the sale

Make sure you do not waste money on your ads by not asking for the sale once they click through. You should be upfront and have it right there on the page they go to.

Look for competitive pricing

Shop around and see where you can get the best prices.

Watch the competition

Keep an eye on what your competition is doing. You need to make sure that you staying up with them.

Use different formats

When you use multiple ads do not make them all copes of each other. Try out different tactics and use different ideas.

Promote one product

Make each ad target one product. Do not try to sell everything in one ad.

Use as many keywords as possible

Associate your ads with as many keywords as you can. Choose good keywords and use the best ones. You get the best exposure with the top keywords.

Use call to action words

Make sure you use words that trigger the customer to do something. You need to use words that make them feel like they need to click through, like they need to act.

Edit as needed

Go over your ads often and edit when you need to. Delete ads that do not work and change things up on occasion to keep the fresh.

Adjust bids often

Make sure you watch your bids and adjust them when you need to. This will help you manage your budget and keep costs reasonable.

Make sure campaigns are working

Always track the success of each ad. Make sure you stay on top of things so that you are not wasting time with ads that do not work.

Have a clear goal

Make sure you know what the goal is for each ad you write. Get it clear in your head and make sure you are focused. This will yield the best results.

Do not create competing ads

Make sure your ads are not competing with each other. You need to have separate keywords for each and make sure they do not come up together.

Use unique URL’s

Each ad should have a unique URL. You may have to develop some new pages for your website to accomplish this, but it is quite effective to do this.

Research well before using

Make sure that you research cost-per-action before using it. You want to understand it and know all the details so that you can make sure this is right for your business.

Make it good content

Always write good content. Always make sure that everything you associate with your business is going to be professional and well written.

Take notes from top ads

Check out the best ads and see what you can take from them. You may have to do a little work to see what websites are doing well, but it is well worth the effort.

Grab attention

Make sure your ad grabs attention. It has to stand out and make people want to click on it. Use bold wording and make it catchy.

Test new ideas

When you use new ideas make sure that you test them out. Try them in another format first and see how they do. Then you can put them in your cost-per-action program.

Look at what others are doing outside your market

Take a look around at what people who have nothing to do with your market are doing. You can learn a lot here. Many times business people get so focused on their own market that they do see the opportunity to learn form other markets. Doing this could actually give you an edge.

Give it time

As with anything new you try, you need to give it time to work. You probably won’t see results the first day, but you should see them soon. Make sure you let the program have enough time to work.

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