Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK- product review

If you want something that goes beyond the beauty and aesthetics of design, then Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK hopes to make its distinction by offering excellent performance to make up for the mediocrity of its predecessors. There are some similar features but a few enhancements have been added in the hopes of producing something much better. Did it succeed? Read more below to find out the answers.

Overview A quick look at the specs for Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK makes a good first impression. At a starting price of $579, it runs via a 2.93GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 processor. Pair that with an internal memory of 6GB 800MHz DDR2 SDRAM and 750GB 7,200 rpm hard drive, then you’ve got quite a powerful laptop for its price range. Whether playing music, watching videos, and running the Photoshop application, Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK runs at high speed and even delivers excellent rate when multitasking. In fact, direct testing in an effort to compare its benchmark performance against other contemporary laptops from Gateway, HP, and Asus has revealed that it does quite an excellent job, although maybe not up to par than most brands mentioned above. In addition, the 256MB Intel GMA and 3100 integrated graphics chip produces excellent visuals, both for regular applications and multimedia performance. There are some downside to the performance quality of Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK such that it does not double as your home theater PC, like most other mainstream laptop. This is indeed quite disappointing knowing that you can avail of these features for a few models in the market with a starting price range of around $299. For average users, this one makes an excellent package for general use, particularly for those mostly running Word applications and other such features. The wireless network adapter proves to be unreliable though, such that merely connecting to the internet can be quite disappointing. Pro’s Thinking of buying your own Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK? Here are some excellent benefits that you can enjoy and make this a worthy purchase: • The laptop’s body comes with a slim tower case, which enables you some extra space in case you’d contemplate on adding some expansions in the future. When running single applications, it delivers a commendable performance. Con’s Although there are some excellent features in this laptop, there are a few drawbacks to the design of Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK that experts recommend you to take a further examination before opting to buy this one. They are listed below: • Its connectivity options are a bit outdated as compared to other laptop choices in the market. You can avail of other netbooks that are far more capable of delivering excellent multi-tasking performance, even for those who belong in the lower price category. Final Thoughts Dell Inspiron i545-3055NBK offers a lot of improvements from previous laptop models in its brand, such as faster performance and lots of other feature upgrades. Its basic components can easily handle common applications and tasks. However, those looking for excellent multimedia laptop, then you should seriously consider buying other models since this one is suitable only for basic applications. Uncategorized dell, dell inspiron, laptop, notebook

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