Folio for iPad- The Case Mate Venture iPad Folio of the Digital Frontier

Case Mate is quickly establishing themselves as one of the top quality producers of iPad folios. The Venture case folio for iPad users is a great example of the combination of style and functionality which shows careful thought into what the consumer wants. Plus, it looks like something out of Tron! So having this case can bring you one step closer to your dream of getting inside a crazy neon computer world where you can fight a younger CG version of yourself (spoiler: You don’t come out of this alive). Check out our review of what in our opinion is the best folio for the iPad available!

Tron, Eat Your Digital Heart Out!
This is a hot case. After reviewing literally hundreds of iPad cases, we can definitively say that the Venture Case is on our top 5 best iPad cases ever list. From the slick styling and sexy highlights that make you feel like you are in the Tron world, to the clean high quality material down to the cool silver clasp that holds the case shut, this is our favorite alternative to the Apple iPad case. While you are waiting for your shiny new identity disc to arrive, you can at least cover your iPad in the closest thing to a Tron iPad case that’s on the market to date.

More Than Meets The Eye
Not to mix our metaphores here, but there is certainly more than meets the eye with this iPad folio. At first, the venture case folio for iPad may look simple, you might think its another one of the many cheap cases that have been cropping up ever since the iPad came out. It doesn’t have any fancy extras like paper folder, windows, or anything, but you’ll find it’s a testament to functional simplicity and has a heck of a lot of style packed in. Seriously, it does everything you need, and looks super sexy doing it.

Opening up the iPad Venture Case you’ll see that all the buttons and access ports have their proper spaces allowing you access and the ability to charge it while its closed. The iPad itself is protected by a impact-resistant shell that’s molded to keep it from slipping out. This slick iPad folio comes in a variety of cool colors that change the overall look from professional looking leather brown, to wild pink reptile print, and the black with pink or green strip from the Tron world.

One of the coolest little features about this case is that it doubles as a stand. In its open position, a reinforced strip of fabric on the cover comes out at a 30° angle that is the perfect position for using the iPad on a desk or on your lap on the couch.

The Venture folio for iPad is one of the best cases we have ever reviewed. It is high quality, and we absolutely love the tons of styles it is available in. The added stand functionality just makes it that much more useful and attractive. The Case Mate Venture iPad Case and Stand sells for $89.99. Check it out today!

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