How to Clean Windows Like a Pro

Wooly: This is a tool with a hard plastic handle which forms a T with the working end of the tool. A wool covering goes over this part. It’s what you wash the glass with and it’s also what i use to clean the screens. Get the woolcovering with the nylod fibers embedded within the wool as these clean better. I use the 18″ size. Some window cleaners like to carry a smaller one too.

For smalller panels of glass i use a sponge that is wrapped in a nylon mesh which gives a gently scrubbing advantage but does not scrach the glass. Great for french doors and divided window panes.

Squeegees: an 18″, a 12″ and a 6″. There are a number of manufacturers. All are very good as far as i can tell. I use the most popular system, Etore and recommend them.

Replacement rubber for squeegees.

Wide razor: I use a 6″ wide by Triumph. Many window cleaners rarely take out their razors but i use mine a lot especially outside. It makes for 2 addiional steps to the 3 step cleaning process but if it’s been a year or more betweeen cleanings, it’s well worth it in tems of results. Change blades often especially while working on tempered glass as it scratches very easily. Tempered glass is required by building code for new construction in doors, and some windows too. If tempered glass breaks it shatters into tiny pieces rather than splintering so it doesn’t cut. But it’s more prone to scratching so extra care needs to be taken with it.

Replacemen blades for your razor tool.

Steele wool: This is usefull for touching up any small areas after the job is done and the glass is dry. Use only very fine steele wool to avoid scratching (Coarseness 00 works great.) Steele wool can also be used for cleaning leaded windows or stained glass windows and may be used wet for extra scrubbing power where needed.

Clean dry towels and lots of them.

Tool belt to hold everything and keep it all within easy reach.

Bucket n a belt to hold your wooly and keep it wet.

Large bucket for hot soapy water.

Soap: Dish washing liquid works best. I use Palmolive as it seems to be easier on my hands. Tried biodegradable brands but those treated my hands badly.

Ladders: I carry a 6′ step ladder, a 16′ and a 24′ extension ladders. I have a 32′ also which i only bring out for special occasions.

Stabilizer: I use a stabilizer attached to the top of my bigger ladders in order to keep them away from the house a bit so i’m not straining my back up there. They’re also great for setting up to get on the roof because the stabilizer will pass over the gutter and be supported by resting on the roof which is much more stable. That’s why they’re called stabilizers.

Pads on the top ends of teh ladders and stabilizers to keep from damaging the walls and siding.



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