How To Solve A Windows Update Issue

Most of the people in the world are very much acquainted with computers nowadays. Computers have become a basic need for industries and the corporate world. Computers have dominated the technological market for years and years and have now found a perfect and healthy position for itself.
Computers nowadays are used in all fields of profession and are therefore required to be highly efficient and productive for almost all the time. So, it is not desirable that a computer system crashes or fails to provide service at the right time, just when it is needed the most.
There are various software and hardware related to computer machinery. Now these softwares are very fragile and need to be updated from time to time.

The updating is required to meet the necessity of similar related software. Once the updating is done, the software is ready to work in the latest environment that is desired by the user. Generally these updating are done in order to provide the latest attachments to the software to make it work more efficiently. A very common operating system with computers is Windows. Windows require regular updates on various sections. Microsoft provides a constant support to its users technically in order that they can customize they variety of usage according to their needs.
What Are Updates?
There are several occasions when you might be thinking that you need to speed up your computer from the current speed. Though your computer speed in general depends on several factors such as CPU speed, CPU usage, physical memory, etc; it is possible that you get the optimum speed that can be achieved according to your present machine configuration.
One of the easiest methods to do this is to maintain a periodic update plan. An update to your machine helps the system to enhance the security and other functional features. This is easily applicable just by the activation of updates facility on your computer, and then the rest is served by Microsoft.
Setting Up Your Computer To Receive Updates
To set up your computer to receive updates automatically you just need to follow some simple steps. The Microsoft official website provides the perfect support for all its customers. The very first step is to get your update feature turned on. From your START button, go to control panel and then to windows automatic update feature. There you need to turn this feature on. All of the features mostly are automatic.

All downloads are automatically started as soon as the feature is enabled. You will barely have to move your hand while the whole process is executed. Once these downloads have completed, the download status shows up and it says that your update download is complete. Now you will be asked to install these latest modifications to your system. Once you start the installation, there may be more than one place where a user input is required. The installation starts as soon as you click the balloon appearing on the right hand corner of the taskbar.
Analyzing The Errors And Flaws Occurring During Windows Update
Generally, an operating system is a complex net of core programming structures. So, any addition of new modules or updating process requires sheer attention and a lot of knowledge on the process. Similarly when you try to update windows by logging on to Microsoft’s website or from an additional source, often an error message may be generated that the updating has not been successfully completed. Obviously this will be reflected on your computer’s system and as a result, the update history won’t show any latest process of updating.
Among the various types of error instances, two of them are very common and occur most frequently with several users. The first one occurs when you try to access an update just after repairing your version of Windows XP. The second occurs when you install a fresh copy of Windows XP SP2 or SP3 and attempt to make an update process before restarting your computer.

Both the issues occur because of the same reason. The file named wups.dll happens to be installed in a wrong manner for this fresh installation of Windows. For the first scenario, the file wups.dll does not come from the correct registry entries. Therefore this version of Windows does not contain the update software.
In the second case, there happens to be a version mismatch. The wups2.dll is supposed to be pointed by the registry entries instead, the registry points to the file named wups.dll. Therefore, the previous file from the previous version of your operating system is being pointed. This happens because the computer had not been restarted just after the installation. So, this prevents the updating process from taking place.
Solving Erroneous Issues
There are two methods as to how you can solve a windows update failure issue. The first process says, download the Windows Update Agent and install it in your computer. Install specific versions of this software according to the bit system of your OS. Install windowsupdateagent-x86, windowsupdateagent-x64 and windowsupdateagent-ia64 for a v86, x64 and itanium based computer respectively. The other method says that you need to register the wups.dll file. To get it registered through special websites, you can use the links provided by them.
Another erroneous situation may occur very frequently while updating Windows. Often the updating process shows a failure message saying error 80244019. This error tries to make the user understand that this machine is being unable to contact the server which provides the update.
But, practically this is not the case most of the time, because often other computers on the same network are able to access the server. The most useful solution is to check for yourself whether you are being able to access the internet in this situation. If you are being able to surf other pages then you must be cautious since the problem might then be due to a Trojan horse attack.
Computers are prone to crashes and virus attacks, which mainly cause these erroneous situations. You must be very patient in such crisis situations and be patient enough to make good research work about your problem and its solution.

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