Kenken Puzzle Games

Games have been an important part of our life ever since their first release. How come we have become so addicted to them in such a short time? Like everything that is likable and everything that makes us feel good, games have taken control over our desires.

Some of these games we are into are puzzle games. The puzzle game, emphasize puzzle playing. One must resolve some problems that include using your logic, strategy, pattern recognition availability, sequence solving and even word completing. The origin of puzzle games, stays in the year 1982, when the Atari Video Cube game was released and played. After this one, the Tetris widely known game, was then created, by a Russian game designer.

What is KenKen and what does it signify and offer you? KenKen is a puzzle phenomenon first introduced in 2004. It offers one a great way to exercise eth brain and develop your logic skills as well. The creator of this games, is a mathematician, a Japanese one. It got to be known as a book was published containing his games. The first book of this kind, at that time, sold in 1.5 million pieces, just in Japan. After all this success one was promised to develop the business and starts with publishing and marketing campaigns, this happens in the year 2008. After this is worldwide known, in 2009 the KenKEn puzzle games begin being added six per day, free daily interactive puzzles. In its development, it was sustained by Reader’s Digest, Harper’s Collins, iToys, Dell Magazines, New York Times etc. many have come into the help of it getting more and more evolved on the market.

Today, the KenKen puzzle games, contain a grid of squares that vary in size and that are similar to Sudoku. One must put all the numbers in shape along a row or column and that should not be repeated. There are some mathematical rules that one can follow in order to be able to play this game. One must fill in any cages containing only a single square, if one of the cages contain more than one square, fill in the ones, that have just one possible solution available; in the multiple solution possibilities, one must write them down on a sheet of paper, and then decide which may make sense. The digits that one puts there are able to be repeated as long as they are not found in the same row or column. As everything to be made faster, one try and look for the rows or columns that have only one single number left to be filled.

The challenges in the KenKen puzzle games become various as you advance in level. It is a game that can be played in the official website that can as well be found in such websites as Apart from this, one may as well download the game on the mobile device, and have it along with him anywhere one may go.

It is a teaching and interactive game as it outs your brain working and it develops your concentration possibilities. No matter what time one may make in solving one puzzle, with time, one will see some changes in the way your mind works and in the speed the mind works.

Just like in any computer game, one must not exaggerate with it and create his own wolrd, around it. This is just a game and should be taken as such. It cannot be taken as something palpable and something one can live with every single day. It is the world of games that is very bad to the human’s mind, if one cannot refrain oneself from exaggerating.

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