Make Easy Money From Home with Amazon

To make easy money from home with this method, all you need to do is sign up for an Amazon Affiliate account and a Google Adwords account. Now, before you get any silly ideas, I will tell you up front that this way to make money does not require very much of your own money to be successful. Let’s get started.

The next step in the easy money making process is to find some popular items that people purchase. To do this, I use the keyword discovery tool. You can find this tool by searching google for it. What this excellent tool does is show you how popular a search term is. You will need to think of some items that people buy online frequently to get started. Think about new electronics that are hot, new home products like vacuums or kid’s toys that are hot, or home appliances that are new and popular. Once you have a list of the items, plug those into the search tool and make sure you select the most popular ones. Try to accumulate a list of about 20 items.

The next step to succeed with this method of making easy money from home is to set up your Adwords campaign. I will assume, in explaining this, that you are familiar with adwords. Create a new campaign for each catagory of product you have in your list. Set up your campaign budget.

When you create your ad, you MUST include these things in the wording of your ads: Exact product name/model, exact price that it costs on Amazon, and a way to tell the buyers that they are clicking that ad to purchase the item. This will ensure that the people clicking on your ad want to buy that product.

Creating a list of keywords is quite simple. You want to include your product name with model number in all the variations you can think of and with the word BUY added. Let’s say your product is an 8 GB Ipod Touch. Your keywords would be 8gb ipod touch, buy 8gb ipod touch, ipod touch 8gb, buy ipod touch 8gb, ipod touch 8g, buy ipod touch 8g, etc. Then you want to add keywords that you DO NOT want your ads to come up for, such as Review, Rating, Information. To disinclude these items, add them to your keywords like this: -review, -rating, -information. This will weed out all of the potential people that would click on your ad but not purchase. For keywords like these, you will not have much competition. This means you should be able to pay anywhere from.10 to.75 per click and get plenty of clicks.

For the display url, you can put For the actual URL, you want to get the link from your Amazon Affiliate account. You want the link that is directly to that product.

Start your campaign and watch your commissions fly.

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