Make eBay your internet business!

You can make money all over the place on eBay. There are lots of people willing to buy all sorts of things on eBay, and you might be missing a great opportunity to make money from an internet business with eBay!

Where to start?

First things first, register for an eBay account. It is easy, free, and takes less than five minutes. Just go to, find the “register button” (its silver with white lettering, usually somewhere in the middle of the page). It will ask you for your contact information, ask that you choose a user ID and password, and give you a failsafe should you forget your password. Once you have agreed to the user agreement and privacy policy (both of which you’ll at least want to browse) and clicked submit, you’ll receive an email with an activation link which will allow you to become an eBay user.

Once you’ve done that then you’re ready to sell. Sign in to eBay, and at the top right hand side of the page you will see this list “My eBay | Sell | Community | Customer Support” and click on the “sell” button. Once you’re there you can easily list your item, see current hot sellers, and find out the worth of what you’re wanting to sell.

So the next question is, “Where do I get stuff to sell to make money online?”

How about starting with the box of stuff you’ve had sitting in your closet for the last few years? What about those old albums you have that you never listen to anymore? You could be sitting on a potential gold mine in your own house. The first thing to do is to go through your stuff and find what you haven’t used in a while.

The u2 formula

Here’s a great way to determine whether or not you should think about getting rid of something. Ask yourself “How many times have I used this in the past two years?” If you have used it less than twice, decorations excepted, then you should seriously consider getting rid of it.

Go and get all the stuff that you have that’s just lying around and put it to the u2 test. Once you have figured out what can stay and what can go then it’s time to do your homework. Do some research on what you have.

You will need:

A notebook

A pen or a pencil

Access to the internet

A couple hours to spare

First get your notebook to keep track of what you have and what you find out. Then sort through your stuff and look for similar items on eBay. Find out how much your items are going for on the selling page. Also find out what condition similar items are in, how much they are going for, and how much is being charged for shipping. Once you’re done, go back and compare it with your stuff. If you find that some of your things won’t sell well, then don’t worry about selling them on eBay, instead donate them to a local charity or second hand store; they are always happy to get more donations.

Get the rest of your things organized and start to post them on eBay! Just be ready to make some money for your internet business!

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