Online Reputation Management Still Matters

The dependence on online reputation management has been growing for several years. A recent Forbes article reveals that businesses are going to great lengths to monitor and evaluate their reputations on the Internet. In addition, 42 percent of all adults have turned to searching online for more information about people before they agreed to work with them.
Forbes mentions that 92 percent of consumers believe the online reviews of companies written by other consumers. However, reviews are not the only source of information they are using. Social media, business websites, directories and other sources play a part in the process. Online reputation management companies mention that consumers are dependent on search results to evaluate businesses. They are interested in quick sources of information that can provide them with an accurate understanding of how a business functions and performs. Honest reviews are essential because consumers have learned to spot fake and exaggerated comments.
Some brands fail to consider their online reputations and either ignore management tasks or fail to use them properly. American Airlines has been cited as one company that had failed to manage online crises and social media issues. Chili’s is another example of a large chain that had problems with its social media management after a recent public relations nightmare. These companies provide important lessons for those willing learn from their mistakes.
Reputation management hinges on active monitoring of search results, social media and other online sources. Problems need to be addressed quickly and professionally. Criticism should not be ignored or censored because it should serve as a way to evaluate company issues and fix them. Unhappy consumers can provide important feedback for businesses willing to take the time to listen to them. Additionally, reputation management includes monitoring for incorrect data online ranging from outdated email addresses to listings of previous CEOs who are no longer with the company. It is crucial to maintain accurate information online that will present a complete picture in searches.

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